Coffee Roasters List

The list of coffee roasters I've tried and loved

As an easy first post, I figured I’d compile my personal list of favorite coffee roasters. This will probably grow over time!

To preface this, my preference leans towards lightly roasted specialty coffee. It’s not that I can’t enjoy a darkly roasted, chocolately or nutty coffee, but I think there’s something extra exciting about discovering fruity flavors and acidity in coffee.

S Tier

The best of the best, in my personal opinion.

  • Tim Wendelboe: A legendary coffee roaster in Oslo. This has to be one of the best value coffee subscriptions in the world (yes, even if you’re in the US!). I recommended enrolling in a 3 bag coffee subscription - your choice of filter or espresso roast.
  • September Coffee: A relatively new roasting company started by Kyle Rowsell. They also have a subscription service which I’ll be diving into in 2024!
  • Pair Cupworks: This was recommended by Sprometheus and is near my hometown. When I went to check it out (it’s a little bit hidden), I had one of the best shots of espresso I’ve ever had.
  • Square Mile Coffee Roasters: Originally founded by 2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffmann. They host a lot of virtual events where you can do coffee (and chocolate!) tastings that are great!
  • Crema Coffee: An adorable, cozy cafe and really great quality coffee!
  • Elixr: They’ve won several barista and roasting championship awards that you can see in their cafe! Pro tip: if you buy a bag of coffee, you can get any drink for free, including the fancy seasonal drinks!
  • Prodigal: Founded by coffee roasting expert and author Scott Rao. This is also a relatively new roaster with a lot of promise.

Notable Mentions

  • Cartel Roasting Co: A staple in my hometown and a great mix of modern but cozy vibes in their cafes.
  • Presta Coffee: My personal favorite coffee shop in my hometown.
  • Passenger Coffee: Well regarded for their light roasted coffee. Note: their coffee is roasted so light, you’ll have to let your coffee rest ~5 weeks to get the best results!
  • The Picky Chemist: I’ll probably upset some people by not considering this S tier. They roast their coffee super light so the flavors are very delicate. If you’re looking for more punchy flavors, I’d recommend others.
  • Sey Coffee: Another super light roaster which yields very delicate flavors. Highly regarded in the coffee community.
  • Onyx Coffee Lab: Home to both Lance Hedrick and Morgan Eckroth. This tends to be on the pricey side but it’s definitely worth checking out!